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Information and properties in Эмба, Пафос

Emba is a traditional Cypriot village, perfect for property purchasers who want peace and quiet and a rural feel. It is one of the largest villages of Paphos and is spread over a wide area that borders not only Paphos but the villages of Mesogi, Tremithousa, Tala, Kissonerga and Chloraka. It is said that the name Emba means "enter", this is possible that the name was given because it is built at the entrance of Paphos that is the edges of the city, through which the travelers from the north, northwest and west came in. It has also been said that the name was given to the village because it is situated near the coast from where people departed from or arrived to Cyprus by sea, during the Byzantine era or even later during the period of Frankish rule. It is mentioned that King Peter I departed for Europe from the area in 1362. The village is noted as 'Emba' in medieval maps. In the centre of the village you will find a new Greek Orthodox Church built near to the old one. The church is dedicated to the apostle Andreas (St Andrew) and on his name day, 30th November, the village holds a religious festival within the church grounds. Emba has a few shops and tavernas dotted along the narrow winding road that runs through the village. In the evening the local men can be seen sitting outside their local and often spilling out onto the narrow roads on their wooden chairs. The added bonus to choosing Emba to reside is that in only minutes you can drive to Chloraka or Paphos Old Town to find all necessary amenities such as supermarkets, shops, banks, pharmacies, petrol station, plus tavernas and bars for entertainment. 

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Виллa  На продажу in Эмба Ref.SL19293 2 Спальни Виллa
Эмба,Пафос На продажу€127,500
Виллa  На продажу in Эмба Ref.SL18346 2 Спальни Виллa
Эмба,Пафос На продажу€169,000
Виллa  На продажу in Эмба Ref.SL18140 3 Спальни Виллa
Эмба,Пафос На продажу€330,000
Виллa  На продажу in Эмба Ref.SL17536 4 Спальни Виллa
Эмба,Пафос На продажу€350,000

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Земля  На продажу in Эмба Ref.SL19374 Земля
Эмба,Пафос На продажу€1,100,000
Земля  На продажу in Эмба Ref.SL18706 Земля
Эмба,Пафос На продажу€150,000
Земля  На продажу in Эмба Ref.SL18565 Земля
Эмба,Пафос На продажу€160,000
Земля  На продажу in Эмба Ref.SL16527 Земля
Эмба,Пафос На продажу€170,000