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Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning Services if required at the following prices (per cleaning):

  • 1-bed at €40
  • 2-bed at €50
  • 3-bed at €60
  • 4-bed at €70 apartments/villas

 The property is cleaned immediately upon guests' departure thus making same-day change overs possible. We charge one fee for departure cleaning and arrival preparation. The cleaning includes the following: disposal of rubbish, making the beds, dust and polish furniture, sweep or vacuum floors, sanitize bathrooms, clean kitchens (wipe out fridge, microwave and oven) and mop floors.  Included in this fee is window cleaning (if necessary). The patio furniture will also be wiped clean and exterior floors will be swept.  This does not include cleaning equipment, cleaning products, bin liners, kitchen towels and toilet rolls.  These will be bought as and when necessary and added to your expense account.  They will be kept in your property for the use of guests and cleaners.  Please make sure your property has a decent vacuum cleaner as this is necessary with the dust in Cyprus. 

Pool Cleaning

We can arrange that a professional pool cleaner can take care of your pool. The price is determined by the size of pool, and includes quality chemicals and pH balance checks. A report card is completed and sent to the owner.  Prices start from €80 per month for a 10x4 meter pool. 

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