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Education for Foreigners

Education for Foreigners in Cyprus

Education In Cyprus

Cyprus can proudly boast that it has one of the most highly educated populations within the European Union.

Citizens of all nationalities relocating to Cyprus that have children of school age have a few options available to them but can be broadly divided into two tiers:

  1. Public State Education (Free)
  2. Private Sector Education (Fee Paying)

The education system in Cyprus consists of the following stages, however, please be aware that many of the private British schools will follow the British age requirements for allocated year groups. State schools determine school entry age as of the beginning of each year (e.g age as of January 2010) where as British schools will largely determine school entry age as of 1st September of that given year.

You will find many foreign nationals that are well integrated into the State system with Greek being the native language spoken but many British, Russian and other nationalities attend the Cypriot state school system. Children of foreign nationality entering the Greek system for the first time will be expected to catch up quite quickly so entry from an early age is recommended. The curriculum is set to a high standard with emphasis on Greek reading and writing and Mathematics.

For those unsure if they will settle long term in Cyprus you have the options to consider Private sector schooling in English, all be it fee paying schools.  

School Operating Hours (Times may vary depending on institution but these times are a general guide)

Expected Time of Arrival               07.30

School Bell / Class Starts              07.45

Class Finishes                               13.05

Some state school will offer an after school option where the children are fed a hot cooked meal and have homework supervised along with some outdoor play time. Is a good option for families where both parents are in full time employment. After school can run until 15.00 or 16.00 and in some cases in Limassol until 17.30 or 18.00.

Private sector schools will often offer after school clubs in language, sport music etc to allow for a longer day also.

Pre-Primary Education -State Schools

Pre primary is compulsory for all children from the age of 4 years and 8 months – 5 years and 8 months. Children over the age of 3 can be accepted into the pre-primary classes where space allows. The pre primary stage is largely an introduction to the daily routines of school life with development of basic writing skills and learning through play.

Pre – Primary Education – Private Schools

Due to many of the Private Schools choosing to follow the British system the pre primary or reception class has a little more emphasis on structured learning with development of basic reading writing skills. This too is developed through play but has a greater focus on development of formal writing skills.

Primary Education

Primary Education is compulsory for all children over the age of 5 years and 8 months or 5 years depending on system entered and has a duration of 6 years. Both state and private sector education systems offer a high-level education again with the state system having greater emphasis on the core subjects.

Secondary Education

This level of education within the state school system offer two three year cycles. Gymnasio (lower secondary) and Lykeio (upper secondary). This is basically for all children between the ages of 12 – 18 years old. The curriculum at this level within the state school offer a more varied selection of subjects including interdisciplinary subjects and a variety of extra-curricular activities. Pupils have the chance to attend Technical school for their upper secondary which offers more vocational subjects preparing them for electrical, mechanical and more vocational employment options. Students wishing to go on to study in the UK from the state school may be required to sit the A level examination externally to gain entrance.

Secondary education within the Private sector follows that of the British system so from age 11 (Year 7), allowing students to study for IGCE’s and AS and A levels with optional IB qualifications in many schools now also.

Primary & Secondary Private Education Options

Tuition fees will vary depending on school and the school age of the child. Discounts are available at all private schools for advance payments and second and third siblings.


TLC The Learning Centre Peyia                                                   The International School Paphos

193 St Geaorges Road, Peyia.                                                       100 Aristotelous Savva Ave, Anavagos.

Admissions:        +357 26 910 220                                                 Tel:         +357 26 821 700

Email:                                                    email:


Aspire British Private School                                                      American Academy Paphos                        

Tombs of the Kings Ave, Paphos                                                   24 Despinas Pattichi Street         

Tel:                         +357 26 623 606                                             Tel:         +357 25 337 054

Email:                                                   Email:




The Heritage Private School                                                        The Grammar School

4549 Palodia, Limassol                                                                   Katinas Paxinou, Panthea Hill

Tel:                         +357 25 367 018                                              Tel:         +357 25 727 933

Email:                                           Email:


American Academy Limassol                                                      Folleys School

24 Despinas Pattichi Street                                                            Omirou 40, Limassol

Tel:                         +357 25 337 054                                              Tel:         +357 25 582 191

Email:                        email:


 Higher Education

As with the other levels of education in Cyprus Higher Education can also be studied through:

 Public Universities:

  1. The University of Cyprus
  2. The Cyprus University of Technology
  3. The Open University of Cyprus

Private Universities

  1. European University - Cyprus
  2. Frederick University - Cyprus
  3. University of Nicosia - Cyprus
  4. Neapolis University – Paphos
  5. University of Central Lancashire – Cyprus

There are also several both state and private higher education colleges and institutions that offer vocational higher education qualifications which do not have university status.

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