Agios Tychonas

Лимассол, Agios Tychonas

The village resort of Agios Tychonas lies just a few kilometers east of the city of Limassol.

A unique beach is spread beneath it with numerous hotels and tourist facilities. Inland, the green valleys and hills add to the magnificent beauty of the landscape.

The rural part of the village with traditional houses, cultivated land, and simple natural habitat blends in quietly, yet successfully, with today’s modern look. The affect is gloriously refreshing, placing Agios Tychonas among the top tourist destinations in Cyprus.

The local architecture, with its vineyards and its flower pots ingeniously incorporate today’s sleek and efficient designs, without destroying the familiar Cypriot tradition that is sought and appreciated by so many.

The gardens, where the flowers of the land blossom around the year and permeate the air, are left to fill the air with their scent, the balconies, the winding alley ways, the taverns and the coffee shops; all invite warmth and charm and friendship.

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