Пафос, Anavargos

Anavargos is a quiet village in the perfect location for buying property as it is extremely close to Paphos Town, only minutes drive away. Also an ideal location for students who attend the International School of Paphos whose mission statement is “to provide opportunities for all students to achieve their personal best and become responsible, productive global citizens who embrace lifelong learning”. This is a traditional village that has wonderful original Cypriot stone houses and quaint narrow winding roads in a rural area. It is well known for having tavernas who serve local produce and cuisine, one being famous for its mushroom pie! The nearest villages to Anavargos are Mesogi and Mesa Chorio and just a stone’s throw away is the Mesogi Road which is the main road to Polis & Latchi. This road runs for a few kilometres from Mesogi all the way into the centre of Paphos. There is an abundance of shops of all natures, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, bakeries, petrol stations, take-aways and so much more. 

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