Пафос, Argaka

Argaka is a wonderful location for buying property as no matter where within the village it is only minutes to the stunning undeveloped beaches that stretch along a natural coastline. Argaka village is within an agricultural area which has an abundance of citrus orchards, the irrigation comes from its own reservoir.  Argaka is split into two areas; Pano Argaka (upper) is located in between the sea and the pine forest and is the older of the two communities. Here, is the traditional village with narrow twisting roads and a local coffee shop (kafenion) which is the focal point for the village's residents to gather, have their coffee, play backgammon (tavli) and let the day pass by. Kato Argaka (lower) is the newer area which is next to the sea. Kato Argaka offers a small supermarket, a kiosk and a handful of tavernas dotted along the coastal road. Polis only a few kilometers away is a small town with a stunning pedestrianised square where locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy a drink or three course meals at one of the various selections of restaurants, tavernas and cafes which radiate out from the centre. The town offers an archaeological museum and cultural centre. On the other side of Polis is the seaside resort of Latchi with its recently opened 200 berth marina. Here you will find an abundance of harbour front tavernas that offer an amazing selection of fresh fish and seafood served daily. Within the harbour you can enjoy boat excursions available. Further on from Latchi is the well known 'Baths of Aphrodite' and for nature lovers the protected Akamas Peninsular an area particular suited to walkers and ramblers who will enjoy the many nature trails. 

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