• На продажу €145,000
  • Цена за квадратный метр: €3,372/m²
  • Номер SL23214
  • Kissonerga, Пафос
  • Студия
  • Проект в стадии разработки
  • 1 Ванные
  • Общая крытая площадь: 43m² , Жилая-внутреняя площадь: 35m²
  • Крытая веранда: 8m²
  • Вид на море
  • Инвестиционные возможности

На продажу : Студия - Пафос, Kissonerga

Price from + VAT

Welcome to an exquisite housing project situated on the picturesque coastline of Kissonerga. This project seamlessly blends the enchanting allure of the coast with contemporary living, offering a unique and luxurious lifestyle to its residents.
Projrct comprises 26 meticulously designed one and two-bedroom apartments that cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. Each apartment is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering a perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality. The project boasts spacious communal swimming pools where a residentials can take a refreshing dip, soak up the sun, and relax with friends and family. These pools create an inviting environment for socializing and leisure. Lush and beautifully landscaped gardens surround the housing project, providing a serene and verdant backdrop for residents. These gardens add a touch of nature's beauty and create a calming atmosphere throughout the community.
Project is designed with the utmost emphasis on safety and security. The entire project is enclosed within a gated community, offering residents peace of mind and privacy.

В помещении
Семейная ванная комната
Открытая кухня
Проводка для кондиционеров
Проводка для центрального отопления
Общий бассейн
Второй этаж
Комплекс с воротами
Виды / Расстояния
Аэропорт: 30 мин
Пляж: Пешком
Гольф: 15 мин
Вид на горы
Вид на море
Город: 5 мин.
Характеристики земли
Туристическая зона
Юридические и финансовые стороны
Инвестиционные возможности
Плюс НДС


Кипр, Пафос, Kissonerga
Kissonerga is a lovely village in South West Cyprus in an area famous for the cultivation of banana plantations, this area is known as the Ktima Lowlands. Kissonerga is an ideal location for purchasing property as it is located just minutes drive to Coral Bay and in the other direction just minutes to Paphos Town and Paphos Harbour and along this coastal road is a regular bus service and several hotels, mini-markets, numerous bars and tavernas se...
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